5 Steps to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

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In the US, there are seasonal hurricane storms that keep coming back every year. A strong wind will be howling and you can expect it to drop a significant amount of water in your home. When a storm is approaching, you need to make the necessary preparations to protect your home.


1. Move Everything Outdoor Inside the House
All your items outdoor should be moved to indoor. The strong wind can pick them up and whirl them to other places. All the gardening tools are to be kept in a secure tool shed. Take a walk around your property to check if there is any item outside. If you can’t move the item indoors, you can tie it down to prevent it from getting flown in the wind. Your car should be parked away from things that can collapse and break your windscreens such as trees, and power lines. It is best to park your car indoors. Your pets should also be brought indoors.

2. Trim Your Trees and Shrubs
If you have trees and shrubs in your garden, you need to pay attention to them and see how they are growing. The branches will need to be trimmed if they are posing danger to your house. Tree branches can snap and fall on your roof which can break your windows, and roof shingles. You will want to be careful when you are trimming branches in contact with the hydro cables. You can hire a gardener to prune your trees if you are afraid of climbing the trees.

3. Repair Your Door and Windows
The doors and windows must be in good condition. If you note the slightest damage, make sure to get it fixed. A small hole in the seal of your windows will allow the wind to enter. The wind will be able to lift the roof of your house and damage your shingles. Sealing your doors and windows will be able to prevent water from entering. You can have a restoration company board up your doors or windows.

4. Inspect Your Roof
You’ll need to climb up the roof and check the shingles. It is common to have surface cracks on the shingles but make sure the cracks are not allowing water to enter into the roof. The shingles should be tightly fitted in the proper place. Shingles that are loose can easily get caught by the wind and cause damage to your roof. You should check your chimneys and make sure they are properly sealed.

5. Inspect Your Siding
Besides, you also need to check your siding and make sure all are intact. Loose siding can be picked up by the wind and cause more damage to the nearby structure of your house. Your home exterior will be exposed when the loose siding is picked up by the wind. You’ll want to attach the siding to the house frame before it gets caught up by the storm.

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